Say goodbye to clunky downloads.

Simply go to on your Android device and bookmark it right on your homepage.
No more downloads, no more app updates. Just fun!

Installing or Updating the App

1. Launch the WorldWinner App just like before

2. Tap or click on OK on the Sorry message

3. This will open up the WorldWinner Website

4. At the bottom bar, tap on the 3 lines icon

5. Tap on the button that says Add page to

6. tap on Home Screen

7. Finally tap on Add

8. Close out of the Application

9. On your homepage you will see the new WorldWinner App

Please uninstall the old APK for android after you install the new web link

Not sure what your password is?

If you have your passwords saved on your mobile device, you should be able to access it through your settings > general management > passwords and autofill.
Please note not all devices are the same so this exact flow might be slightly different on your own phone.
You can also reach out directly to Player Services to help reset your password if needed..

Need More Info?

Visit our FAQ page for additional information and to contact Player Services if you need further assistance - they are available to answer any questions you may have!