Some title about all the FAQ?

Read on to learn even more about what you can expect when the platform debuts, throughout 2024 and beyond. Remember, this is just the beginning of a new world of winning!


Entry Fee Refunds

Paid back as they came in! That’s right, if you experience an error playing a game, the entry fee will be refunded the same way it came in. Paid a $1.00 entry in cash? You'll get refunded in cash.


New Player Profiles + Game Achievements

We’re bringing you a brand new player profile with new modern avatars to customize your profile. Plus, keep watch over the next year as you’ll be able to upload your own avatar and earn TONS of trophies and rewards in an all new achievement system! Web players, be sure to take a screenshot of your favorite avatar and all those shiny trophies in your Player Profile before they're gone..


Challenge and refer friends

All new ways to challenge and refer (and beat!) your friends will be coming within the next year - win cash in challenges and earn rewards for referrals. To make room for these new ways to win and earn, the community section, messages and challenges on our legacy website will be retired (the Premier Club exclusive message boards will still be available).


Games, games and more games

We have lots of new games in the works in all the categories you love - bingo, cards, and more. After all, fun and games is why we're here!


Choose your web experience

The WorldWinner website will be completely redesigned, but you'll be able to toggle back and forth to the current design with all the new technology humming behind the scenes!


Happy Hour (web only)

Happy Hour will be taking a short break on the new platform, but will be back and better than ever early this year on both mobile and web!


We're here to help
Check out our FAQ page for more detailed information - it will continue to be updated as it becomes available. Plus, stay tuned to your inbox and log in often as we'll be posting additional details as we get closer to kick off. We cannot wait to start the journey to a Better WorldWinner with our loyal players - we're committed to bringing you a whole new world of winning!