$10,000 Angry Birds Champions Sweepstakes!

Win a share of $10,000! Earn 1 entry for every $1 you play in Angry Birds Champions.

First place will take home $5,000, with the next 10 winners getting $500 each! 

Sweepstakes ends 3/31 ET 

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P.s. Want to improve your skills? Check out our pig-punishing pro tips & tricks below!

Let's Play!

Check out our two-part video series for tips and tricks on how to launch birds, activate their powers, and defeat the pigs for a shot to win real money! 

Part 1

Part 2

Know Your Birds!

Different birds have different strengths. Get to know your birds and use them to your advantage!

The Blues are strongest against glass 

Chuck is strongest against wood

Bomb is strongest against stone

Matilda is good for bombing hard-to-reach places and can often hit two directions at once (one with egg, one with her body)

Red and Terrence don't have powers but are good for knocking things over!

Boost Your Skills!

  Destroy bonus items (especially the golden ones) for extra points 

Use as few birds as possible. Leftover birds are worth 10,000 points each

Use Swaps to change the bird order

There's never been a better time to get in the game.

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